Visiting Little Snoring Airfield By Air

Information For Pilots

Little Snoring Airfield is open and welcomes visitors of the McAully Flying Group.

PPR at Little Snoring Airfield is not required.

Visiting aircraft do so at their own risk.

Available runways are 07/25. 07/25 is part-asphalt (450m) and part-grass (400m). Total 07/25 runway distance 850m.

Circuits are left hand, 1,000 feet QFE and an overhead join is recommended as we have non-radio aircraft traffic using the airfield. If you have strobes and landing lights please use them as we often have low flying military aircraft operating at Sculthorpe Airfield to the west of Little Snoring.

Avoid flying over nearby villages – see the ‘Do Not Overfly Guidance‘.  

If using runway 25 do not land on or before the 25 numbers.

Note that there is a short grass strip (10/28) parallel to the taxiway which may be in use subject to weather and grass cutting. Keep the hard taxiway and grass strip clear at all times and do not park on or at either end of this strip/taxiway. 

Uncontrolled vehicles are often present on the airfield. Vehicles frequently enter the taxiway via an active driveway. Please keep a good lookout for vehicles, farm traffic and activities.


N52 51.65 E000 54.57 // 2nm NE of Fakenham // 196 ft AMSL

Little Snoring Airfield McAully Map

Little Snoring Airfield Protocol

If arriving from the west use Marham Radar on 124.150, alternatively if arriving from the South or East contact Norwich Radar on 119.355

Once you have the airfield in sight, make blind calls to Little Snoring Traffic on 118.130 to report your position and intentions. When departing repeat the above.

McAully Flying Group visitors are welcome to park aircraft opposite the MFG hangar as indicated in the photo above. We ask that where possible you push your aircraft back with its tail hanging over into the field to allow other aircraft and vehicles to pass. 

There are some concrete tie down weights near the clubhouse which can be rolled out to tether your aircraft if required.  Please return them to where you found them when you go. Please do not leave your aircraft unattended on the taxiway at any time as this area is heavily used by both aircraft and motor vehicles.

Aircraft arriving for maintenance or fuel from The Light Aircraft Company (TLAC) please follow their procedures.

Landing Fees

The McAully Flying Group do not charge for landing or overnight parking – however donations towards airfield maintenance and upkeep are very much appreciated. 

Please use the donations button below to donate online by PayPal or debit/credit card. Alternatively, you can leave a cash donation in the white box attached to the McAully Flying Group Clubhouse when you visit.