Little Snoring Airfield History

Like many airfields in Norfolk, Little Snoring was originally built for bomber command during WW2.

Little Snoring played host to a number of aircraft types, including Lancasters and Mosquitos. Today, privately owned, set a few miles from the beautiful North Norfolk coast and surrounded by uncontrolled airspace, Little Snoring airfield is an aviators paradise made manifest.

The McAully Flying Group have operated from Little Snoring for over 50 years, and has excellent facilities at the airfield, comprising a private hangar and a large clubhouse with full pre-flight briefing facilities, kitchen and toilets.

Construction started on Little Snoring airfield in September 1942, with the usual RAF 3 runway configuration, the longest being 07/25 at 2,000 yards.

The airfield came online in the summer of 1943, soon welcoming 115 squadron and their Lancaster IIs. However 115 squadron’s time was to be short lived at Little Snoring and they returned to Witchford in the final month of 1943. The Lancaster’s of 115 squadron were replaced with Mosquitos of 169 and 515 squadrons, some of which were equipped with Serrate radar detection. 

Little Snoring Airfield, from the air
The old tower
The old tower or Watch Office

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