Visiting by Air

PPR is not required. Visiting aircraft at their own risk.

Circuits are left hand, 1,000 feet QFE and an overhead join is recommended. Avoid flying over nearby villages (see 'Do Not Overfly Guidance'). Use runways 07/25 whenever possible. Uncontrolled vehicles are often present on the airfield. Please keep a good lookout for farm traffic and activities.

Little Snoring is open

Little Snoring Airfield is open to vistors of the McAully Flying Group. PPR is not required and aircraft visit at their own risk.

If arriving from the west call Marham Zone on 124.150, alternatively if arriving from the South or East contact Norwich Radar on 119.350 (or 119.355 after change to 8.33). Once you have the airfield in sight, make blind calls to Little Snoring Radio on 118.130 to report your position and intentions.

If the airfield is unattended, please complete the movement log which can be found in the box attached to the exterior of the clubhouse. Donations welcome.


N52 51.65 E000 54.57
2 nm NE of Fakenham
196 ft AMSL

The airfield plate is available herePlease Note Radio Frequency now 118.130

Do Not Overfly Guidance is available here.

Approaching runway 25

Approaching 07

Overhead the airfield